Have you got a wedding coming up soon, and don’t know what to buy for the Bride and Groom? No worries, I’ve got some ideas for you which I’m sure will make their day!

Video messages – This is a great DIY gift which can be treasured for years to come, although it does take a little planning, it’s simple and cheap! All you need to do is a compile a list of people to feature and a list of questions to ask them, then send them over and ask people to record their answers. You can then use a tool like iMovie to put it all together.

A scrapbook – You can create a scrapbook filled with memories of the bride and groom and their friends and/or family. This can include photos, notes and anything else which helps to explain their story. To make this even more special bring a Polaroid camera or disposable camera to the wedding and leave some of the scrapbook empty, the bride and groom can then use the photos taken at the wedding to fill the rest of the book!

Money – most couples now already own a home and live together when they get married which means that they don’t require household items like bedsheets and gravy boats. With weddings costing so much now, many couples tend to prefer money as not only can it help to pay for some of the wedding or honeymoon, it also gives them the freedom to choose what they’d like to buy (no one wants an ugly teapot). If you’re not comfortable with giving money, a gift voucher is always a great alternative.

Gift experience – if the bride and groom are not going on their honeymoon then why not treat them to something a bit special. A two-night escape, an afternoon tea, a dinner out – there’s no better gift than quality time! If the newlyweds are jetting off on honeymoon, why not consider booking something for them to do on their honeymoon, like a wine tasting or dinner at a fancy restaurant?

I hope these ideas have given you some food for thought. Any present that you get the bride and groom is always going to be a bonus for them. Besides, the biggest gift you can give them is being there!