Fine Jewellery Needs Fine Repair

Over the years I have garnered a strong reputation as a jewellery repairer of considerable skill, managing on many occasions to restore pieces and make repairs that other jewellers have considered impossible.

With the utmost precision and meticulous attention to detail, I can repair your beloved jewellery and restore it to perfect or near perfect condition, managing to turn my hand to any kind of repair, including:

  • Protecting your ring’s stone by tightening or replacing the claws that hold it in place.
  • Resizing or reinforcing rings that are wearing away — this is particularly common with when the engagement ring and the wedding ring are worn together on the same finger.
  • Replacing stones if they are lost.

Also, in every kind of jewellery, stones, bands and chains can all be cleaned, plated or restored to get them back to their original pristine condition.

A jewellery repairer of exceptional skill.

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