Everyone wants to find the best diamonds that they can. You’re investing in quality jewellery so that your finger shines as brightly as your personality. Here’s how to find that sublime ring that stands out from all the others.

Make Sure That Your Diamond Has A Paper Trail

You wouldn’t use a plumber who wasn’t certified. Like all things in life, the right paperwork gives diamonds the ultimate seal of approval. If the diamond that is currently sparkling in your hand comes with certificates, you can be sure that you are purchasing a jewel of the highest quality. The GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) is a global authority on the quality of diamonds. Their certificates analyse shape, several aspects of the diamond’s colour, as well as its size and carat weight to establish authenticity. Make sure that the diamond you are considering purchasing comes with one of their certificates. Other certificates are available from organisations such as HRD. However the GIA certificates have the most authority in the industry.

Carats Aren’t Everything

So much is made of how many carats a diamond has. Carats are a measure of weight. Imagine if you visited your favourite furniture shop and bought a sofa that looked great but wasn’t comfortable to sit in and you just sank every time you sat in it. You would have bought a sofa that had a lot of weight, but far less quality. The same can be true for diamonds. What you need to look for is the quality of the diamond itself, rather than just that diamond’s carat-weight alone.

Your Relationship With Your Jeweller Is Key To Sourcing Dazzling Diamonds

You need to sit down with your jeweller, discuss what you are seeking, and rely on them to unearth the beautiful stones that will leave you in an uninterrupted state of happiness after you first see the diamonds. It may also be that you have brilliant diamonds in an old ring, and just need a jeweller to re-fashion them into a new, totally bespoke piece of jewellery. Whatever you need, a consultation with a personal jeweller will ensure that you find a diamond that you’ll love looking at every day for the rest of your life. These jewellers can also provide you with invaluable information about the certification and history of any diamonds they are showing you, or that you bring to them.

The key is to ask as many questions as possible when commissioning a new piece of diamond jewellery, and work with the jeweller who gives detailed and insightful answers to all of your questions.