Buying a diamond is one thing. Customising the jewel so that it is inimitably and unmistakably yours transforms its acquisition into one of those special moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Here are some ideas for how you can add that personal, extra special touch to your diamond jewellery.

Customisation Doesn’t Have To Mean Huge Extra Expense

The main benefit of customisation is that it focuses the design process around you. That means that no matter what your budget is, you can create a truly personal ring that your partner will remember for the rest of their life. We want you to love your ring, and so we use minimalistic mounts which give your ring the support it needs, without distracting anyone looking at your diamond from it. This means that you’re spending your money on the ring itself rather than the structure in which that ring is set. If you were buying a wedding cake, you would want to be spending money on the cake itself rather than a cake stand. The same is true for your ring. A bespoke jeweller will ensure that your get as much shine as possible for your pound.

Incorporate A Special Family Heirloom Into A New Piece Of Jewellery

Everyone has a piece of jewellery that older generations of their family loved, which has now lost some of its lustre and cannot be worn. Imagine if the diamonds in this jewellery could be given a new lease of life, by being polished and then added to your new ring. You could combine one of the highlights of your family’s history with something that will become a highlight of your future.

Engrave Your Mounts

Quality diamonds need quality mounts to help them look their best. Your mounts can be engraved to mark the occasion which led you to purchase that piece of jewellery. Birthdays, wedding dates, anniversaries, names and locations of first dates can all be engraved onto a mount to make the diamond that it supports extra special.

Use Your Favourite Colours

You don’t have to restrict yourself to one single colour of diamond. Why not mix white with pink or pink with blue? Adding your favourite colours to your ring will ensure that you love looking at it every single day and that it will always bring fond memories flooding back to you. Even if you’ve had an awful day at work or you’re having to deal with a stressful family situation, looking at the bright colours of your jewellery will always cheer you up and take you to a happier place.

Whichever designs you choose, customised diamond jewellery will always be a memorable and precious heirloom which is uniquely special to your family and can be passed through it for generations to come.