Breathing New Life Into Old Jewellery…

So many people have pieces of old jewellery that they never wear, gathering dust in drawers or tucked away in boxes at the back of cupboards. They’ve been discarded either because they’re damaged or broken or old-fashioned, or maybe they were unwanted gifts or something that was left in a will that has sentimental value but is not to your particular style.

The great thing about remodelling old jewellery is that you’re able to breathe new life into something that would otherwise never again see the light of day. It’s also a great opportunity to recycle your precious metals and gemstones, turning them from something old and unwanted into something brand new, contemporary and completely unique.

If you have a piece of jewellery you’d like to see transformed, make an appointment for a consultation. If you’re not sure what exactly you’d like to do and whether or not your jewellery can be remodelled, I will be happy to advise you as to the possibilities and then work together with you to create something fresh, exciting and breathtakingly beautiful.

From old and unwanted to new, contemporary and completely unique.

Remodelling Enquiry

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