Often when we propose we want it to be a surprise which can pose some difficulties! There is nothing worse than getting down on bended knee only for the ring to get stuck half way down her finger or to see it fall off because it’s too big. However, you might think that without directly asking her there is no way to know, but you’d be wrong!

There are a few little things you can do to discover her ring size and still keep things a secret, here are my top three pieces of advice.

Borrow her ring or trace it!

If she wears jewellery regularly or already wears a ring of that finger, like a promise ring or maybe some costume jewellery, try to pry it away from her. If you are able to disappear without suspicion with the ring for a few hours, then do. A jeweller, like myself will then be able to measure the ring and easily tell you the size. Of course it’s unlikely she’ll wear that ring on her wedding finger, but by telling your jeweller which finger she does wear the ring on, they’ll be able to scale the ring up or down in the size.

Now if this is a ring that she can’t live without and will notice is gone, try tracing around it instead, this will then at least give you a good idea of her size. Plus, a trace is really easy to take to a jeweller.

Get her friends involved

Getting her friends involved can be a really good way to covertly find out the information you need – just making sure not to ask chatty Kathy who can’t keep a secret! This works really well if she has a friend who is already engaged, as you can arrange with said friend for your other half to try on the ring that way you can gauge the size dependent on how the ring fits. You can also do this with any other type of ring too, so don’t worry if all her friends are still single and in love with their cats.

Failing that, you could always get her best friend to flat out ask her. That way you get the answer your looking for straight from the source without arousing suspicion. Again, if you are planning on doing this make sure her friend is able to keep a secret and won’t blab.

Be subtle and ask

Lots of couples talk about their engagement or wedding before it happens and if you are one of them, then it’s likely that the subject of rings has come up. During this conversation, she may mention her ring size, but if it doesn’t ask! As long as your subtle, she’ll never know.

If you’re worried that asking her outright may arouse too much suspicion, there is another way, although it does involve a little bit of trickery! You could tell your other half that you’ve spotted an offer for ring ‘free’ ring cleaning, so that she’ll give you her ring voluntarily and then cheekily take the ring to be sized by a jeweller. Just don’t forget to get it cleaned too!

Don’t stress

With all this said, don’t stress! If the ring is a little too big or a little too small it can easily be resized. My advice would be that if in doubt go bigger than smaller as not only is the sizing easier to correct, but it will save your brides feelings (the last thing you want her to think is that her fingers are too fat!).