Traditionally, the bride and groom give each other a pre-wedding gift (get your minds out of the gutter!). It is a symbolic gift that shows your commitment to your partner and it is a fantastic way to start the next chapter of your new life. As it’s just the two of you, it’s also a little more intimate than your first dance, in front of your family and friends.

A wedding can be a very expensive occasion for the bride and groom and understandably finding the funds for an extravagant gift may not always be possible. Thankfully the perfect gift doesn’t always have to break the bank.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, look no further! Here are my tips on what you can get your other half as a wedding day gift.

• Silver photo frame: in the digital age of Instagram and Facebook, it is easy to forget the appeal of a traditional print photograph. A special picture of you together could be the perfect way to show your affection. You could even leave it empty and add a picture of your wedding day later or even go the extra mile and get it personalised.

• Engraved cufflinks: An accessory to be worn on your wedding day. Perhaps even engraved with a special message! Cufflinks are something you can keep forever and either wear again or have as a keepsake from your special day.

• Men’s jewellery: This could range from additional rings to compliment his wedding band to stylish leather bracelets to match his personality. While not every man will appreciate jewellery, but if your man does, then this is the perfect gift. By working with someone like myself, you can ensure that it will have a personal touch to it.

• Event tickets: perhaps he’s been talking about his football team non-stop for the past 12 months or the fact that he’s never seen his favourite artist live? Tickets to his favourite sporting event or live performance could be a fantastic way to show your love and appreciation – and not to mention, your listening skills! Often, although not in all cases, the wedding is very much about the bride so, to do something just for him will be a real treat and a nice way to destress after the big day.

• Reservations to your favourite restaurant: maybe it was the location of your first date or of your proposal. A reunion at a restaurant that means a lot to you could be a perfect way to spend an evening as a newly married couple.

• Watch: other than a wedding band there is one other item of jewellery which you’ll usually find men rarely take off and that is their watch. It’s a timeless gift, excuse the pun, and practical!

Whatever gift you decide to pick, it will never overshadow the big day. All that really matters is that it’s from the heart!