Every family has a history. Some families choose to catalogue this history through heirlooms which they pass from generation to generation. Here are 5 reasons why your family should make this choice.

Learning About The Past

What would you like your children’s children to tell their kids about you? When your life eventually draws to a close, what would you like to leave behind? By passing down a family heirloom, you can provide future generations with a memory of the kind of person you were, let them know what your interests were, and what you achieved during your time on this earth. While stories will be passed from family member to family member, giving future generations something that they can hold, that is still in excellent condition after many years of use, will act as a tangible symbol of you, what you did, and what you stood for. Plus, if you’re trying to keep a small child’s attention, giving them something they can hold, or even play with, helps hugely.


Whether in school or at home, kids are always asked what they would like to be when they grow up. If you want them to live the life that you did, leaving an inspirational family heirloom, such as a fine watch will provide forthcoming generations with the motivation they need to achieve the success which you enjoyed during your own life. Heirlooms can also assist future generations, by providing them with guidance as they seek to establish themselves in life.


Major milestones in life such as birthdays, graduations and religious ceremonies require special gifts to signify their importance. By handing down a luxurious timepiece, such as a Rolex, to the next generation, to symbolise their progression to another stage of their life, you can create a family tradition which leaves future generations genuinely proud and grateful to have achieved the milestone they are celebrating. Most importantly, these gifts are far more valuable than anything you could buy from a shop. To be given a gift that their Grandfather or Great-Grandfather wanted them to have, as it continued their family legacy gives recipients an incomparable and invaluable feeling.

Heirlooms Are Often Valuable Assets

Aside from the sentimental value attached to family heirlooms, many also accrue significant financial value over time. Although families aim to keep these heirlooms within the family for as long as they can, this is not always possible. Unfortunately, on occasion, a generation falls on hard times and decides to give one of their heirlooms to another family to enjoy, so that they can secure a long-term future for their own. In leaving your family a valuable heirloom, such as a fine watch, you will also be leaving them with a nest egg, which can prevent the worst from happening, in case your family faces a rainy day.

Heirlooms Can Help To Maintain Family Relationships

When families grow to be very large, it can sometimes be difficult for everybody to meet up. Frequently remaining in touch is vital for maintaining the relationships and close bonds which define every family. The possession of several family heirlooms can provide an excellent opportunity to hold an event at which the whole family can learn more about their past, inspect these heirlooms and possibly take one or two back home with them.

Leaving family heirlooms are a fantastic opportunity to support, motivate and provide for future generations. Easily moveable, wearable and highly valuable heirlooms such as fine timepieces, are excellent for all eventualities.