Mother’s Day coming up on the 11th March which gives you the opportunity to treat that very special lady in your life; your mum.

Who has always been there for you?

First, let’s be real, where would you be without your mum? Maybe now that you’ve got yourself a girlfriend or wife, you’ve forgotten who was the first woman to be there to hug you. And sure, you always say you’ll call more, but life sometimes gets in the way. We’re all guilty of it, it’s no crime, but if you surprise her with something special on Mother’s Day you can let her know she’s still your number one.

She won’t be expecting it

I’d imagine by now that all mum expects on Mother’s Day (if you even remember at all) is a simple card or at best some flowers. Can you imagine her shock if, completely out of the blue, you show up with something so much more extravagant? It wouldn’t just make her day, or her month, it would make her year! Why miss out on a chance to make her so happy?

Enter: the ‘Good Books’

Of course, you are mainly considering treating mum because you are a kind and selfless person… But, you know that there’s no harm in getting into mum’s good books! Turning up with such a lovely gift will be rewarding in so many ways, and it’s okay if one of those just happens to be how much she’ll love you for it. We won’t tell if you don’t!

That leaves one big question…

What do you buy for the woman who has given you everything? My suggestion? Something timeless and classic, like the woman she is. Remember, she isn’t necessarily expecting something extravagant so while you might think that only the biggest diamond will do, that isn’t the case. In fact, if your mum is anything like my mum, she’ll probably tell you how daft you are for spending that much money!

You’ll also want it to be personal which is where I come in. Whether it’s earrings, a necklace or a ring you’re looking for, I can make it to your specifications. Not only does creating something yourself make it even more special, it also ensures that it will be something your mum will love.